Student Spotlight: David R. Parsley Endowed Scholarship Fund For Supply Chain Management, Scholarship Recipient Lydia Le

Professional Development

The National Restaurant Association Supply Chain Expert Exchange, in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, created the David R. Parsley Endowed Scholarship Fund for Supply Chain Management to help develop the next generation of Supply Chain leaders in the restaurant and foodservice industry.

The goals of the 2022 program were as follows:

  •     Attract foodservice focused students to careers and organizations related to industry Supply Chain Management
  •     Empower individuals invested in restaurants and foodservice through financial and programmatic support
  •     Advance skills and retention of current industry professionals to support retention

These scholarships are available to undergraduate students pursuing degrees related to foodservice and the restaurant industry who express a deep interest in supply chain management.

A total of five scholarships were recently awarded and we are featuring each of them individually.

David R. Parsley Endowed Scholarship Fund for Supply Chain Management Scholarship Recipient:  Lydia Le

Hometown: Richmond, TX

School: University of Houston

Major/Field of Study: Supply Chain Management & Operations

Quote: I was a 2021-2022 recipient as well, and this scholarship has changed my life to say the least. With this scholarship, I was able to focus on continuing my education and have made significant strides towards my goals and dreams.