Executive Spotlight: Highlights of 2021 - Chris McNutt, Centralized Supply Chain Services

Professional Development

Supply Chain Scene:  Do you feel like your job has changed permanently and what do you think is next for 2021 as we enter a new phase of COVID?

Chris McNutt:  Everyone realizes how important supply chain is now. It's already starting but there's going to be a fight for talent in the supply chain world, we fundamentally changed how people are working. A lot of people are now used to working from home and working regionally. We've actually hired some people who live in different regions of the country. That'll create more fight for talent because they don't have to live in Kansas City anymore so we can tap into that talent anywhere. It's going to make people way more in-demand so we're going to have to figure out ways that we can make ourselves more attractive to those people and meet them in the ways they want to be treated and managed and the environment they want to have with us virtually or otherwise. So it really has changed our environment, I think permanently.

To get ahead and to really grow, you have to understand the macro environment and start to try to predict what you think is going to happen to your organization and plan for that and be thinking ahead. Being mindful and planning. Spend time planning - block that off your calendar, make it part of your weekly routine.  It's not rocket science. If most people will just stop and take the time to think about the world around them, they can think it through. It's not the smartest people that get to the top. It’s the people that are focusing and thinking about the right things. It's not just about the job that you're doing today, but what should you be doing. 

January 5th, 2021 - read the full interview here.

Author: Supply Chain Scene