Who would find this website helpful?
A wide variety of individuals in the foodservice supply chain industry: operators, managers, executives, students, educators.

What type of information is available?
The website contains numerous articles and videos, ranging from academic papers to trending topics to one-on-one interviews with foodservice supply chain executives.

How do I post a job to the Opportunities page?
Please send the link to the job opportunity to the Website Content Manager at supplychainscene@tcu.edu. Don’t have a link? A PDF is acceptable (though link is preferred).

Whom do I contact if I am interested in writing a blog?
Send a quick email to the Website Content Manager at supplychainscene@tcu.edu with your blog idea. Once you do that, the manager can work with you to establish guidelines and deadlines for the piece.

I have a suggestion for content for the website, an individual to be featured on the Executive Spotlight, a blog topic or feedback on the website. How do I make these suggestions?
Thank you! We would love to hear from website users about all of these topics.  Please send an email to supplychainscene@tcu.edu.

Where can I get more information on Neeley’s Center for Supply Chain Innovation?
Find out about our degree programs, case competition, research and more at http://neeley.tcu.edu/CSCI/

Where can I learn more about the NRA Supply Chain Executive Study Group?
For information about our purpose, conferences and other opportunities, please go to http://www.restaurant.org/Events-Networking/Networking-Groups/Supply-Chain-Management